Providing solutions to professionals working in reproductive medicine



  • The basis of our products lies in research intended to fulfill the needs of professionals and their patients.
  • All the research projects performed at Igenomix are intended for clinical use.
  • IGENOMIX actively works in research, and has organized and participated in many national and international talks and conferences.
  • The result of this hard work has led to the publication of a large number of peer reviewed articles.

The staff at Igenomix actively work in research and use the most advanced techniques available in reproductive genetics.


Advanced Technology

  • We use the most advanced techniques through our continuous collaboration with high profile researchers, universities and companies.
  • We utilise the research experience acquired by Prof. Carlos Simón (2011 Jaime I award-winner for Clinical Research), who led the IVI Foundation until 2016.
  • We have acquired a broad clinical experience through our wide network of institutes specialized in reproductive medicine around the world.
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  • Today’s advances in knowledge will lead to more comprehensive and convenient diagnostic systems to be used by patients in the future.
  • IGENOMIX makes a financial contribution to research, development and innovation to offer both medical professionals and patients a wide range of products and services meeting all their expectations.
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