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Alan Thornhill PhD

Country Manager UK & Senior Scientific Adviser Igenomix International.
State registered Clinical Scientist (embryology)


Professor Alan Thornhill received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University College London followed by a PhD in Genetics from the University of London in 1996. Following post-doctoral work in single cell genetics with Professor Marilyn Monk at the Institute of Child Health, London, Alan trained as a clinical embryologist at Kings College and St Thomas' Hospital (with Professor Alan Handyside) before directing IVF laboratories in the USA (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota) and UK (Guy’s Hospital, The Bridge Centre and London Fertility Centre) specialising in Preimplantation Genetics. While at the Bridge Centre, Alan, who is a state registered Clinical Scientist by the UK's Health and Care Professions Council, also worked as Laboratory Director for Bridge Genoma, the UK's first private Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) laboratory and later took over as Person Responsible for the IVF clinic.

Alan is an honorary Professor in Reproductive Genetics at the University of Kent, Canterbury, UK and was formerly Deputy Chair of the ESHRE PGD Consortium and Chair of Alpha, Scientists in Reproductive Medicine.

Between 2009 and 2015, Alan served as a Professional Member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the UK body that regulates and licenses IVF, sitting on the Scientific and Clinical Advances Advsiory Committee and chairing the Information for Quality Advisory group. Alan's research interests include reproductive genetics, PGD and improving the safety and effectiveness of IVF. With more than 60 peer-reviewed articles and books chapters, Alan is a passionate communicator and enjoys speaking regularly to schools, lay audiences, national and international conferences.

Alan is the country manager for IGENOMIX UK and a Senior Scientific Advisor for IGENOMIX international. Prior to this role, he was Associate Director in Illumina’s Reproductive and Genetic Health team, responsible for education and awareness in an IVF Market Development role within Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Kate Hall

Customer Support Manager


Kate Hall joined Igenomix UK in May 2017 from the Midlands by way of Spain. Working in southern Spain ensured a sound understanding of the language and culture which has proved invaluable when working with our Spanish headquarters and Latin American affiliates.

With more than 15 years of experience in office management with multinational companies and international clients, Kate has a wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience required to enhance customer satisfaction and surpass expectations.

Collaborating and coordinating with both clinics and patients, Kate brings an entrepreneurial spirit to our team ensuring smooth logistics, calm efficiency and organisational skills.

Roy Pascal Naja PhD

Laboratory Director UK. State registered Clinical Scientist (genetics)


Dr Roy Pascal Naja has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, an MSc degree in cell molecular biology and genomics and a PhD degree in Human Genetics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Before joining Igenomix in May 2017, Dr Naja was a Principal/Lead Clinical Scientist and deputy Quality Manager at the Neurogenetics laboratory part of the UCLH/NHS foundation trust in London. His role at the NHS was to lead the genetic testing for rare mitochondrial disorders and support the Quality Manager in maintaining the quality management system. From Dec 2015 to Aug 2016, Dr Naja was the senior molecular geneticist and Clinical Scientist at Reprogenetics UK/Cooper Surgical situated in Oxford and affiliated to Oxford University. His role was to lead the molecular genetics team that offered preimplantation genetic diagnosis to NHS as well as to private UK and overseas patients. From Oct 2013 to Dec 2015, Dr. Naja was the Laboratory Manager of the University College London (UCL) Centre for PGD managing an accredited medical laboratory that offered genetic testing for embryos using various techniques in both molecular genetics and cytogenetics.

At UCL, Dr Naja was also extensively involved in quality management and helped in maintaining the ongoing accreditation of the laboratory. Between Oct 2010 to Sep 2013, Dr Naja was a PGD specialist conducting preimplantation genetic diagnosis for monogenic as well as for chromosomal disorders at the same centre. During his 5 years at the UCL Centre for PGD, Dr Naja introduced and validated several techniques that were adopted by the laboratory and applied clinically. These included Real-Time PCR assays, various oligonucleotide arrays and the latest cutting-edge technique at the time: “Karyomapping”- a comprehensive PGD technique for single gene disorders. During this time, Dr Naja also participated in the organization and delivery of the international annual/biannual PGD workshop offered by the UCL Centre for PGD. Dr Naja holds an associate research/academic position at the Institute for Womens Health (UCL) where he co-supervises MSc students in prenatal genetics and foetal medicine and delivers annual lectures. Dr Naja is a state registered Clinical Scientist in the UK and an “Associate” member of the Royal College of Pathologists (speciality: molecular genetics).

Rebecca Moore MSc

Junior Laboratory Specialist


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